Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

swarovski, Handblown glass rose Julia Lee necklace



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This snow quartzbeautiful snow quartzhand-blown snow quartzglass snow quartzflower snow quartzfocal snow quartzpendant snow quartzwas snow quartzhand-made snow quartzby snow quartzCC snow quartzDesign snow quartzLampwork snow quartzBeads snow quartz(see snow quartzlinks snow quartzpage). snow quartzNecklace snow quartzis snow quartzmade snow quartzwith snow quartzCzech snow quartzglass snow quartzbeads, snow quartzvintage snow quartzglass snow quartzpainted snow quartzflower snow quartzbeads, snow quartzsnow snow quartzquartz snow quartzand snow quartzSwarovski snow quartzcrystals, snow quartzsigned snow quartzJulia snow quartz. snow quartz snow quartz18 snow quartzinches.Item snow quartz#JBD676

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