Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large brooch, Large Vintage 1960's Sarah COVENTRY Pink & Green GLASS Gold FILIGREE Brooch Pin



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A pink stonesvery pink stonesattractive pink stones1960's pink stonesbrooch pink stonessparkling pink stoneswith pink stonespearl, pink stonesopaque pink stonespink pink stonesand pink stonesgreen pink stonesglass pink stonesstones pink stonessurrounded pink stonesby pink stonesgoldtone pink stones"branch" pink stonesfiligree. pink stonesThis pink stonespin pink stonesis pink stoneslarger pink stonesin pink stonessize pink stonesmeasuring pink stones2 pink stones3/4" pink stonesin pink stonesdiameter. pink stonesSigned pink stoneson pink stonesthe pink stonesback pink stones"co. pink stonesSarah pink stonesCov." pink stonesThe pink stonestop pink stonesof pink stonesthe pink stonescenter pink stonespearl pink stoneshas pink stonesa pink stonesworn pink stonesspot.

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