Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Vintage Large Sterling Silver Ornate Floral Pendant with Glass Stone



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This silveris silvera silverVintage silverLarge silverSterling silverSilver silverOrnate silverFloral silverDesign silverPendant silverwith silvera silverLarge silverGlass silverstone silverin silverit, silverbut silverthe silverstone silveris silverchipped. silverThe silverSterling silverPendant silveritself silveris silverin silvergood silvercondition. silverA silvernice silverornate silverand silverfloral silverdesign. silver silverNo silverchain. silverYou silvercould silverget silvera silvernew silverstone silverput silverin silverit silverof silverany silvercolor silverand silverit silverwould silverbe silverreally silverpretty. silverThis silverstone silvermay silverbe silvera silverPale silverLight silverLemon silverQuartz, silverjust silvernot silversure silveras silverI silverhave silvernot silverhad silverit silvertested. silver silverIt silvermeasures silverapprox. silver1 silver1/2 silverinches silverlong silverand silverweighs silverapprox. silver7.7 silvergrams silverand silverwas silvertested silveras silverSilver. silverIt silverhas silvera silvermarking silverbut silverI silvercould silvernot silverread silverit. silverIf silveryou silverhave silverany silvermore silverquestions silverplease silverask silverbefore silveryou silverpurchase. silverI silvership silverto silverthe silverUSA. silverNo silverInternational. silverI silveralso silverinsure silverall silverof silvermy silverpackages silverto silverthe silverUSA silverto silvermake silversure silverthat silverthey silverarrive silverto silveryou silversafely. silverThanks silverfor silverlooking.

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