Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique, Pretty carved wooden flower pendants on turquoise chunk necklace



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Several wearable artpretty wearable artcarved wearable artwood wearable artflower wearable artpendants wearable arton wearable artnecklace wearable artmade wearable artwith wearable artlarge wearable artchunks wearable artand wearable artsmall wearable artround wearable artbeads wearable artof wearable artgenuine wearable artturquoise, wearable artSwarovski wearable artcrystals, wearable artCzech wearable artglass wearable artbeads wearable artwith wearable artgold-plated wearable artfindings, wearable artsigned wearable artJulia wearable art.Item wearable art#JBD711

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