Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Signed Willi Nonnenmann Pinart deco, Vintage 1960s STERLING Silverart deco, Gold VERMEIL FILIGREE Butterfly Brooch



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Beautifully art decodetailed art deco1950\u2019s art decoWestern art decoGerman art decopin art decois art decoa art deco3-D art decobutterfly art decodesign art decomade art decoof art decogold art decovermeil art decofiligree. art decoVermeil art decois art decosterling art decosilver art decowith art decoa art decogold art decooverlay art decothat art decowears art decoand art decolooks art decolike art decogold. art decoIt's art decoa art decovery art decocool art decothree art decodimensional art decodesign art decothat art decoI art decohave art decotried art decoto art decodepict art decoin art decothe art decopics. art decoMarked art decoon art decothe art decoback art decofor art decothe art decocountry art decoof art decoorigin art deco(Western art decoGermany) art decoand art decosterling art decosilver. art decoThere art decois art decoalso art decoa art decohallmarked art decofor art decoWilli art decoNonnenmann, art decoa art decoGerman art decomodernist art decodesigner. art decoThe art decopin art decoback art decohas art decoa art decogood art decosafety art decocatch.Markings: art deco\u201cSterling art decoGermany\u201d art decoplus art decomaker\u2019s art decomark. art decoThe art decopin art decomeasures art deco1.5" art decox art deco1.125" art decoWilli art decoNonnenmann art decofounded art decohis art decocompany art decoin art decoGermany art decoin art deco1932. art decoIn art decoour art decoresearch art decowe art decosaw art decothat art decohe art decofiled art decofor art decohis art decoUS art decotrademark art decoin art deco1962-3. art decoOur art decounderstanding art decois art decothat art decosince art decothe art decopiece art decosays art deco\u201cSterling art decoGermany\u201d art decoit\u2019s art decomore art decolikely art decofrom art decothe art deco\u201860s art decoand art deconot art decoone art decoof art decohis art decovery art decoearly art decopieces.

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