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Art Deco 1940's Dress Clipvintage dress clip, Genuine Carved Mother of PEARL & Green BAKELITE 40s Dress Clip



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A bakelite broochvery bakelite broochattractive bakelite broochbrooch bakelite broochthat bakelite broochis bakelite broochmade bakelite broochof bakelite broochgenuine bakelite broochMother bakelite broochof bakelite broochPearl bakelite broochand bakelite broochreal bakelite broochBakelite bakelite broochin bakelite broocha bakelite broochdark bakelite broochgreen bakelite broochcolor. bakelite broochFeatures bakelite broochinclude bakelite broochcarved bakelite broochArt bakelite broochDeco bakelite broochdesigns bakelite broochin bakelite broochthe bakelite broochgenuine bakelite broochmother bakelite broochof bakelite broochpearl. bakelite broochThis bakelite broochis bakelite broocha bakelite broochdress bakelite broochclip bakelite broochwhich bakelite broochcould bakelite broochbe bakelite broochworn bakelite broochon bakelite broocha bakelite broochlapel bakelite broochor bakelite broocha bakelite broochscarf. bakelite broochMeasures bakelite brooch2" bakelite broochlong bakelite broochx bakelite brooch bakelite brooch1 bakelite brooch3/4" bakelite broochin bakelite broochwidth. bakelite broochFrom bakelite broochthe bakelite broochArt bakelite broochDeco bakelite broochperiod bakelite broochof bakelite broochthe bakelite broochlate bakelite brooch30's bakelite broochor bakelite broochearly bakelite brooch40's.

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