Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

yellow gold, Say My Name Gold Plated Initial Letter Pendant Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Accent



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This initial necklacedelightful initial necklacepersonalized initial necklacenecklace initial necklacefeatures initial necklacea initial necklacevintage initial necklacegold initial necklaceplated initial necklaceinitial initial necklacecharm initial necklaceaccented initial necklacewith initial necklacea initial necklacesparkling initial necklace initial necklaceSwarovski initial necklacecrystal. initial necklaceThe initial necklaceapproximately initial necklace3/4" initial necklacecharm initial necklacehangs initial necklacefrom initial necklacean initial necklace18" initial necklace14 initial necklacekarat initial necklacegold-filled initial necklacechain initial necklacewith initial necklacea initial necklace14 initial necklacekarat initial necklacegold-filled initial necklacespring initial necklacering initial necklaceclosure. initial necklaceAll initial necklaceof initial necklacethe initial necklaceavailable initial necklaceletters initial necklacein initial necklacethis initial necklacestyle initial necklaceare initial necklacepictured initial necklaceabove. initial necklacePlease initial necklaceselect initial necklaceyour initial necklaceletter initial necklacefrom initial necklacethe initial necklacepull-down initial necklacemenu initial necklacewhen initial necklaceordering. initial necklaceIf initial necklaceyou initial necklacewould initial necklacelike initial necklacea initial necklacedifferent initial necklacelength initial necklacechain initial necklaceor initial necklacehave initial necklaceany initial necklaceother initial necklacequestions, initial necklaceplease initial necklacesend initial necklaceme initial necklacea initial necklacemessage initial necklacebefore initial necklaceplacing initial necklaceyour initial necklaceorder.

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