Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

nickel silver buckle, Nickel Silver Belt Buckle Skull and Bones and Native American Design



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This silver buckleis silver bucklea silver buckleNickel silver buckleSilver silver buckleBelt silver buckleBuckle silver buckleSkull silver buckleand silver buckleBones silver buckleand silver buckleNative silver buckleAmerican silver buckleDesign. silver buckleIt silver bucklemeasures silver buckleapprox. silver buckle2 silver buckleX silver buckle1 silver buckle1/2 silver buckleInches. silver buckleLooks silver bucklenot silver buckleto silver bucklehave silver bucklebeen silver buckleworn silver bucklemuch.... silver buckleI silver buckleship silver buckleto silver bucklethe silver buckleUSA. silver buckleNo silver buckleInternational silver buckleshipping. silver buckle silver buckleI silver bucklealso silver buckleinsure silver buckleall silver buckleof silver bucklemy silver bucklepackages silver buckleto silver bucklethe silver buckleUSA silver buckleto silver bucklemake silver bucklesure silver bucklethat silver bucklethey silver bucklearrive silver buckleto silver buckleyou silver bucklesafely. silver buckleAny silver bucklequestions, silver buckleplease silver buckleask silver bucklebefore silver bucklepurchasing. silver buckleThanks silver bucklefor silver bucklelooking.

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