Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage 1970's MOD Style Setbicentennial, Redbicentennial, White & Blue Vintage PATRIOTIC Pin and Earrings Setbicentennial, Signed JJ 60s/70s Brooch Ers



In stock



From costume jewelrythe costume jewelry1970's costume jewelryor costume jewelrylate costume jewelry60's, costume jewelrythis costume jewelrysigned costume jewelrypatriotic costume jewelrybrooch costume jewelryand costume jewelryearrings costume jewelryset costume jewelryboasts costume jewelryred, costume jewelrywhite costume jewelry& costume jewelryblue costume jewelryenameling costume jewelryone costume jewelrya costume jewelrypretzel costume jewelryknot costume jewelrydesign. costume jewelryThe costume jewelryset costume jewelryis costume jewelryin costume jewelryvery costume jewelrygood costume jewelrycondition costume jewelrywith costume jewelryonly costume jewelryminor costume jewelrywear. costume jewelryIt costume jewelryis costume jewelry2 costume jewelry1/2\u201d costume jewelrywide costume jewelryx costume jewelry1 costume jewelry1/2 costume jewelryinch costume jewelryin costume jewelryheight.Signed costume jewelryon costume jewelrythe costume jewelryback costume jewelryof costume jewelrythe costume jewelrybrooch costume jewelryJJ. costume jewelryThe costume jewelryclasp costume jewelryworks costume jewelrywell costume jewelryand costume jewelrythe costume jewelryearring costume jewelryback costume jewelryclips costume jewelryare costume jewelrytight costume jewelryand costume jewelrysecure.

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