Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue Opalblue opal, Moonstone and Pearl 14K Gold Fill Necklace



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Blue gold necklaceOpal gold necklacewrapped gold necklacein gold necklace14k gold necklacegold gold necklacefilled gold necklacewire gold necklaceon gold necklacea gold necklacebeautiful gold necklacedainty gold necklacetextured gold necklace14k gold necklacegold gold necklacefilled gold necklacechain. gold necklaceNecklace gold necklaceis gold necklacefinished gold necklacewith gold necklaceMoonstone gold necklacegems gold necklaceand gold necklacea gold necklacewhite gold necklacefreshwater gold necklacepearl gold necklacein gold necklacethe gold necklaceback.Length gold necklaceis gold necklace16" gold necklaceand gold necklacecan gold necklaceextend gold necklaceto gold necklace17"*******************************************************THE gold necklaceMATERIALS> gold necklaceBlue gold necklaceOpal, gold necklaceMoonstone, gold necklaceFreshwater gold necklacePearl> gold necklaceStone gold necklaceShapes: gold necklaceirregular, gold necklacesmooth gold necklaceand gold necklacefaceted> gold necklace14k gold necklaceGold gold necklaceFilled gold necklaceChain, gold necklaceWire gold necklace& gold necklaceClasp*******************************************************GIFT gold necklaceWRAPAll gold necklacepurchases gold necklacecome gold necklaceready gold necklacefor gold necklacegift gold necklacegiving gold necklacein gold necklacea gold necklaceribbon gold necklacetied gold necklacesquare gold necklaceenvelope. gold necklaceIf gold necklacethis gold necklaceis gold necklacea gold necklacegift gold necklaceplease gold necklacelet gold necklaceme gold necklaceknow gold necklaceso gold necklaceI gold necklacecan gold necklacetag gold necklaceyour gold necklacepurchase gold necklacewithout gold necklacea gold necklaceprice gold necklacelisted.*******************************************************DESIGNLike gold necklacethis gold necklacedesign gold necklacebut gold necklacewant gold necklaceit gold necklacein gold necklacea gold necklacedifferent gold necklacecolor, gold necklaceshape gold necklaceor gold necklacesize? gold necklaceSend gold necklaceme gold necklacea gold necklacemessage gold necklacefor gold necklacea gold necklacecustom gold necklaceorder gold necklaceand gold necklaceget gold necklaceexactly gold necklacewhat gold necklaceyou gold necklacewant!

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