Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

earrings, Tribal Wolf Earrings



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Do wolfyou wolflove wolfa wolfdesign wolfthat wolfreflects wolfyour wolfnatural wolfspirit, wolfbut wolfis wolfcoupled wolfwith wolfa wolfbit wolfof wolfmodern wolfflare? wolfThese wolfTribal wolfWolf wolfearrings wolfbring wolfthat wolffeel. wolfThey wolfare wolflaser wolfdesigned wolfand wolfcrafted wolffrom wolfbirch wolfwood wolfand wolffaux wolfleather, wolfthen wolfassembled wolfwith wolfantique wolfbrass wolffindings. wolfThey wolfare wolfsimple wolfbut wolfwill wolfcertainly wolfaccent wolfyour wolfstyle. wolfThey wolfmeasure wolf2.75”length wolfx wolf1.625” wolfwidth

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