Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mixed media, Hammered silver teardrop Necklace- Leather necklace- Tahitian Silver/Grey Pearl- Elegantly Rustic- Boho



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I giftlike giftto giftcall giftthis giftstyle giftRustic giftElegance. giftMixed giftmessages giftare giftbeautiful, giftto giftme, giftin giftjewelry giftand giftart giftpieces. giftBeautiful gifthammered giftwire giftis giftwrapped giftand giftaccented giftwith giftTahitian giftSilver/Grey giftPear. giftThis giftpendant gifthangs giftfrom gifta giftRustic giftbrown giftleather giftcord giftthat giftcloses giftwith gifta giftlobster giftclaw giftand giftcomes giftwith gifta gift1" giftextender giftfor giftthe giftperfect giftfit.Length giftis giftbetween gift16"-17"

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