Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

girlfriend boyfriend, vintage brushed gold and red faceted glass heart pin brooch by JJ Jonette



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Vintage sweater pinheart sweater pinpin sweater pinbrooch sweater pinby sweater pinJJ sweater pinJonette. sweater pinBrushed sweater pingold sweater pinwith sweater pinlittle sweater pinetched sweater pindetails sweater pinsurrounding sweater pina sweater pinred sweater pinfaceted sweater pinglass sweater pinheart. sweater pinExcellent sweater pincondition, sweater pinno sweater pinflaws. sweater pinQuite sweater pina sweater pinnice sweater pinpiece! sweater pinMeasures sweater pin1.25" sweater pinwide sweater pinand sweater pinjust sweater pinunder sweater pin1.5" sweater pintall.Ships sweater pinin sweater pina sweater pingift sweater pinbox.I sweater pincombine sweater pinshipping sweater pinon sweater pinmultiple sweater

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