Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1980s lizard necklaceanimal totem, colorful painted wood animal totemanimal totem, mostly red & purple



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1980s animal totemvintage animal totembeaded animal totemnecklace. animal totemColors animal totemare animal totemred, animal totempurple, animal totemyellow, animal totemgreen animal totemand animal totemblack. animal totemThe animal totemred animal totembeads animal totemhave animal totema animal totemslight animal totempinkish animal totemtint, animal totembut animal totemstill animal totemred. animal totemThe animal totemlizards animal totemhave animal totema animal totemgloss animal totemcoating animal totemand animal totemthe animal totemcolors animal totemare animal totemsuper animal totemvibrant. animal totemDangling animal totembeads animal totemadd animal totemthe animal totemtacky animal totemfactor. animal totemCharming animal totemnecklace animal totemwith animal totema animal totemlot animal totemgoing animal totemon, animal totemyet animal totemlightweight. animal totemExcellent animal totemcondition, animal totemno animal totemflaws. animal totemThe animal totemlizards animal totemare animal totem2.5" animal totemlong, animal totemthe animal totemnecklace animal totemis animal totem25.5" animal totemlong.Ships animal totemin animal totema animal totemgift animal totembox.I animal totemcombine animal totemshipping animal totemon animal totemmultiple animal

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